Less Than One Day Left

The past few days have been busy, but I am proud to say everything is proceeding as scheduled. My next book, Full Moon Hunt, will be out tomorrow!

In celebration of this, I have gone ahead and made it possible for you to get the first book in the series, The Sleeping Town, for free. Just click on the Get a Free E-Book link above to claim your copy in your preferred format!

However, I want to go the extra mile so, for today and tomorrow, I am making Devils of Black and Gold Free on Amazon!


Devils of Black and Gold

A dangerous beast, a confused teen, and an old detective collide in a series of brutal murders!

As he starts to suffer from changes that can only be called supernatural, Lucas Hart believes he might be turning into a creature of legend. Meanwhile, Detective Eliot Guthrie has to deal with a brutal murderer lurking somewhere in his city. There have been three deaths already and the fourth is yet to come. However, the truth will surpass their imagination!

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Read it Now!

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